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Dinner with a new man

It has been exactly a year since my last post and nearly 2 since I wrote about my dinner with another man -

A lot has happened in the last year - a lot of ups and a hell of a lot of downs. My boys continue to amaze me with their strength and resilience to life's curve balls. They both have finished their exams and enjoying their well deserved summer holidays.

I am still blessed with a strong set of friends and neighbours who continue to be both my crutch and my sanity check in equal measures.

I now have a new job which is hybrid working and I love it so much that I am in the office most days. I didn't know what I was missing working from home full time, until the day I got this random phone call from a recruitment agent telling me that he had the perfect job for me! It is full-on but I am enjoying being and working around people.

My to-do list has grown and I haven't done most of the things I set out to do 2 years ago. I am still just about surviving juggling my time between work, boys and home. I can see I will have more time in the distant future but right now, I have made peace with letting go of some of my ambitious projects.

Yesterday I was at Prime in Chandlers Cross for dinner - the same place I was with Harry 2 years ago. Only difference being I was with a lovely and kind-hearted gentleman who most certainly wasn't a teenager. It is early days (6 months is still early days, right?) and I will write a post or two about my experiences with online dating when time permits. But for the first time in years, I can see that a happy future is a possibility. Until recently, my happiness was always caveated on the boys being happy or my job going well. While that is still true, I can see me just being happy. no IFs, no BUTs.

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