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The missing piece; a new milestone

Hi sweetheart,

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me......A really big one. Remember the puzzle I'm putting together now......and the one big piece that's still missing? Well, I think we may have found that piece.

I got the offer letter this afternoon and I missed sitting with you and poring over the Ts & Cs as we would have done. I miss how we would have had a laugh, talking about our experiences at this company all those years ago and reminiscing about our ex-colleagues. I would have been excited about starting a new job and you would have been the cautious one, reminding me about work life balance and already starting to worry about how I will be working evenings and weekends. I miss your balancing act; the boys miss their good cop, although I was quite relieved to hear Harry tell me that I was 'doing alright' on the good cop front. Phew.

Remember when you went to Delhi during the winter of 2007 for a few weeks to the Noida office? Was it for knowledge transfer? I can't remember. You heart was in pieces seeing all the poor homeless people huddled together around makeshift fire pits to keep warm. You rang me in tears saying you were walking to the shops (it was late in the evening) to buy sweaters in several sizes and were going to distribute it to the homeless lining the road between your hotel and office. That triggered your idea of running a charity providing clean water and food to the poor in India. I often wonder whether there is a God, when I think of all the plans you had for the environment, wildlife and the poor. Of all the people to die young, why you, my love?

Clare and Steve popped over with a bottle of Prosecco (champagne wasn't cold enough) to celebrate. I showed Clare a paper from your hospital days and we both had a cry. This was one of the papers on which you had to write a sentence every day and on this you had written 'I want to be as free as a bird' and 'Clare is annoying' 😂.

Anyway, back to my job. See...this is what happens. Everything in my life has you in it - every sentence, every thought, every feeling has you tied tightly in it. The job will give me structure and focus; something to get my teeth into. Perhaps at the end of the week, I could write to you. Perhaps not, as you never were one to talk about work stuff!

Told Lynn about the job. She misses you. I can only go dog walking with her during weekends now.

Anyway, going to hit the sack early tonight as it is a big day tomorrow.

Love you loads. Sleep tight. xx

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