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Lynn's Tribute

I first met Paul, when I was walking the dog and he was out walking with his binoculars. From that point, I knew he was passionate about the countryside and the environment. He was always walking past, binoculars round his neck and a coffee cup in his hand. The empty coffee cup was deposited on my wall to be collected later while Paul went off to survey the local bird life. He would stop and regale me with his” my wife stories” as  as good reason as to why he was out on his own. These stories always slightly twisted from the truth, reflected how much his wife and family meant to him. 

He retained his  delightful child like humour and I always remember Sudha talking about the three boys in her house. I understood this when Paul Harry and Andrew played the "Nose game" where they put their noses on hot plates from the oven to see who could last the longest.

Paul was a man with a big heart. He cared about Gaddesden Row and its people. He joined in on our local litter  pick, helped setting up-for quizzes in the Village Hall, putting  up gazebos for fetes on the village green and was a helpful neighbour who mended punctured bicycle tyres, tidied the Chapel before services as well as having an allotment for many years.

Paul was a kind caring and  generous  and thoughtful neighbour and will be sadly missed. 

He was a very nice man.

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