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Andrew's Tribute

I would just like to say that despite dad having his life being cut short, he lived every day to his fullest. He would see an opportunity and grab it then put everything he had into it. This meant dad lived more than 3 full life times in the time he had on this planet and I think that is why so many people have memories of dad that others may not have got in a lifetime. Even in the hospital, dad fought to the very end and the doctors predicted he had two days left. This turned to around 5 or 6- dad always liked to prove people wrong. I remember the many great days we had together, camping, holidays and even the home life was enough to fulfil a lifetime. My best memory of dad is the ones you would not expect. Not the massive adventures we had or the activities we did, it was his personality. He was loving and caring but what has stuck with me and will stick with me is his fun side and the one that made us all laugh even in the worst of times. I guess, ironically, this would be the perfect time for dad to be around. I have written a sort poem to cover the many great things dad was known for. 

Dad was more than meets the eye

More than just your average guy

He was a son

A brother

A husband to my mother

His love for birds

Inspires me so

Every bird, he would know

Everywhere with his binoculars 

Just goes to show

Dad was always on his bike

Every Sunday and even night

Always with his mate

And peed mum off coz he was always late

Dad loved his walks

But not much for a talk

more of a “let’s do this” man

Than to sit down and plan.

But most of all he was my dad

And I am so glad 

That I had the opportunity 

That I had.

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